Top 2014

  1. Blue Eyes – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
  2. Toy Boy – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much)
  3. She’s The One – Robbie Williams (Live at Knebworth – 10th Anniversary Edition)
  4. Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams (Take The Crown Stadium Tour 2013)
  5. Overrated – Mika (The Origin of Love)
  6. Comptine d’un Autre Été – Yann Tiersen (C’était Ici)
  7. Mad About you – Hooverphonic (With Orchestra Live)
  8. Step With Me – Mika (The Origin of Love)
  9. Lady Jane – Mika (Songs for Sorrow)
  10. Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow – Monza & Gregory Frateur (Radio 1 Sessies)
  11. Never Touch That Switch – Robbie Williams (Rudebox)
  12. I Didn’t Know – Stan Van Samang
  13. Grootvader Geplant – Urbanus (Goe Poeier)
  14. Rolling in the Deep – Adele (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
  15. Let Me Go – Gary Barlow (Since I Saw You Last)
  16. Heaven’s Falling – Mark Owen (The Art of Doing Nothing)
  17. Make You Happy – Mika (The Origin of Love)
  18. Love You When I’m Drunk (Acoustic Version – Mika (The Origin of Love)
  19. Break America – Robbie Williams
  20. We Could Have Been Anything – Robbie Williams (One Night at the Palladium)
  21. Babe – Take That (Everything Changes)
  22. Ma France à Moi – Yann Tiersen (On Tour)
  23. Danger Zone – Hooverphonic (With Orchestra Live)
  24. Zo Jong – De Kreuners (Live at Zwortegem)
  25. Blue Eyes – Mika (The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Live at Sadler’s Wells)


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